Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shutterday theme: Your Country

Nukke yllytti osallistumaan - olen aina ollut yllytyshullu :-D

Finland is wellknown as "contry of the thousand lakes". At Archipelago Sea, we do have one singularity: island with BIG fresh water lake.

On this picture, You can see the lake first and then behind it, Archipelago Sea. Waterlevel at lake is about 10-15 centimeters higher than sealevel around it.

Picture is a panorama, so You can see it better, if You "clik" the picture!

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Nukke said...

Jee, Finland 10 points !!!! Very unusuall lake and so blue ! The islands, coastline and seas around Finland are so beautyfull. There are nice photos in that album in where that lake is too. I often look at your blog. It is so fresh!