Friday, August 14, 2015

Nosturi / crane

1.8.2015 Gdansk, Puola / Poland.

Aivan kuten Neptune suihkulähde, Crane, entinen satamanosturi, on yksi Gdanskin kuuluisimmista symboleista.

Nosturi oli suurin keskiajan Euroopassa. Nosturin mekanismi on näyttely kohokohta. Se koostuu kahdesta parista puisia pyöriä. Nosturi toimi myös kaupungin porttina.


Just like the Neptune fountain, the Crane, a former port crane, is one of the most famous symbols of Gdańsk, especially if it comes to its maritime past and glory. Therefore, no other place is more suitable for an exhibition devoted to activities of the former Gdańsk port.

Inside the Crane, we have prepared information on the work of people who were inseparably related to the port – carriers, dockers, merchants, skippers, sail makers, rope makers.

We have devoted much attention to port-related objects by presenting the interior of granaries, models of wooden wharfs, ships, fairway dredgers and finally, cranes.

The mechanism of the Crane, the biggest port crane in the medieval Europe, is the exhibition highlight. It consists of two pairs of wooden treadmills. Since the Crane also served as the town’s gate which led the way from Szeroka Street to Długie Pobrzeże Street, the bottom treadmills, situated in the place of a vault, are visible from the outside.


Maisema nosturista / landscape from crane.

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